To facilitate and incentivize engagement with the communities where we live and work, active employees of Wynn[1] are encouraged to volunteer at eligible nonprofit organizations which then may qualify that organization for a cash grant based on the number of personal hours volunteered. This program recognizes employees by making a company donation to an eligible nonprofit organization as thanks for their service to the community. This procedure outlines the program administered through the Wynn Employee Foundation on behalf of Wynn Resorts, Limited. 



  • Wynn Resorts, Limited will donate up to $250 (the “Grant”) to an eligible nonprofit organization of employee's choice if the employee personally volunteers for at least 25 hours at that nonprofit organization during the calendar year (the “Dollars-for-Doers Program”). “Eligible Nonprofits” are listed on the Wynn Employee Foundation’s official volunteer management portal, found here:  Nonprofit organizations that are not listed as an Eligible Nonprofit may a contact the Wynn Employee Foundation to request consideration to become an Eligible Nonprofit.
  • Volunteer hours for events organized by the Community Relations team or Wynn Employee Foundation are not eligible for the Grant time requirements. Volunteer time organized by a department or team will qualify if all other requirements are met.  Departments or teams coordinating volunteer events are encouraged to notify the Community Relations team of the scheduled event, number of volunteers, and volunteer time anticipated to be spent, at least forty-eight hours in advance of the volunteer activities.   
  • An employee must log at least 25 volunteer hours in a single calendar year with a single Eligible Nonprofit in order for that Eligible Nonprofit to be qualified for a Grant.
  • Employees are only eligible to request a Grant under the Dollars-for-Doers Program one (1) time per calendar year regardless if employee's volunteer hours exceed 25 hours or exceed 25 hours at multiple Eligible Nonprofits.
  • There is a maximum contribution limit of $10,000.00 per nonprofit. In the event an Eligible Nonprofit has reached its maximum contribution limit, the employee will be allowed to choose one (1) of the other Eligible Nonprofits.



  • Employees are responsible for requesting a Grant under the Dollars-for-Doers Program at once they have met the 25 hour requirement. The request for a Grant can be submitted at any time of the year; however, the deadline is January 31 for the preceding calendar year.
  • Employees are responsible for logging their volunteer time at an Eligible Nonprofit via
  • All hours must be jointly verified by the Wynn Employee Foundation and the Eligible Nonprofit to be eligible for the Grant. Hours that are not verified may not be counted towards the 25 hour requirement. All hour eligibility will be reviewed and determined by Wynn Employee Foundation in its sole discretion.
  • Employees must have averaged more than 20 hours worked per week at Wynn for the prior year to be eligible to request a Grant under the Dollars-for-Doers program.
  • Managers are encouraged to allow employees to leave for volunteerism during scheduled hours so long as it does not interfere with service, schedule, or other needs of their department.
  • With the exception of volunteer events organized by the Community Relations team or Wynn Employee Foundation, employees shall not be compensated for their volunteer hours. 

[1] As used herein, the use of the term “Wynn” refers to Wynn Resorts, Limited, Wynn Las Vegas, LLC (which includes Wynn Las Vegas and Encore at Wynn Las Vegas), Wynn Design and Development, LLC, Wynn Resorts Development and their affiliated companies with operations based in Nevada. This Procedure applies to all employees of Wynn, unless otherwise prohibited by the applicable laws of the jurisdiction in which the company is operating.