Wynn Partners with Boys and Girls Clubs to Offer Virtual Learning Program to Children of Employees

Wynn has announced a new program for employees with school-aged children. The Company has created a unique partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada to offer Wynn employees professionally supervised virtual learning centers for their children, which will also include additional enrichment and learning programs, during the public school closures.

We know that many parents and caretakers, particularly those with school children, are faced with difficult scheduling circumstances this school year, which is why the Company will sponsor 400 seats every school day for students this fall at Boys and Girls Clubs locations across the Valley. The virtual learning centers at the clubs provide a safe and supervised space for schoolwork during the public school closures.

“This year has been filled with confusion, anxiety and loss. One of my primary goals in 2020 has been to find solutions that help ease those moments of confusion and anxiety for our team,” said Matt Maddox, CEO of Wynn Resorts.

“During our state-mandated 3-month closure this spring, people had real concerns about how they were going to survive financially, and so we paid all Wynn employees their full benefits, salary and estimated tips throughout the closure. As the school year begins, I know employees throughout the Valley are concerned about how they will manage both a daytime work schedule and virtual learning while their child’s school is closed. Wynn employees with daytime work schedules now have an option for their children to thrive in supervised virtual learning centers when they work during the day at no cost to them.”

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada offer 13 locations and will accommodate students of Wynn employees ages 6-12 for the virtual learning program. Skilled staff will be onsite to supervise small groups of students and offer academic support, as well as supplement curriculum with a variety of programs and activities, including arts and crafts, health and wellness, and sports.

This opportunity is open to employees who:

  • Are currently active (not on a leave or furlough)
  • Work a regular weekday shift that takes place in full or in part from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Make $75,000 or less per year in combined pay (including tips)
  • Have a child or children aged 6-12 participating in distance learning this year.

If you qualify and are interested in signing up your child(ren), go to the WIRE homepage and click on the “Distance Learning Assistance” link, located in the “Employee Tools” section, and complete the online form (available in English and Spanish).

For more information about the organization, visit www.bgcsnv.org